Family Music

Ashokan Farewell

Here’s a song we like.

Ashokan Farewell was composed by Jay Ungar in 1982 and was featured in Ken Burns’ Civil War documentary in 1990.

Sheet music link.


Favorite Christmas Albums

I have a bit of an obsession with Christmas music. I try to wait until at least Halloween to start listening to it each year. I spend an unholy amount of time gathering, organizing, and rating songs each year, hoping to eventually create the ultimate Christmas mix. I have 24 versions of Deck the Halls (and that’s after deleting the below-average versions).

Here are the albums that are on frequent rotation year after year (with links to Amazon) –

Pop/Folk Christmas

Choral Christmas

Instrumental Christmas

Bluegrass Christmas

Unique Christmas

John Denver and the Muppets

Cheap Christmas

  • Big Christmas Box from The Bach Guild (13 hours for 89 cents! Mostly choral music and mostly good.)Jingles and Bells by Ben Rector

Let me know if you have any favorites I should add to the collection.


Visions of Johanna

Sometimes a 50-year-old song gets stuck in your head for weeks.


Please Please Me

A clone cover of Please Please Me by The Beatles. Featuring the melodica because I can’t play the harmonica.



A cover of Ramona by Guster –