Aspen Grove 2013

I got it down to 11 minutes. Only watch it if you’re in it or you love at least one person in it.

And a couple more short clips –

A highlight of Aspen Follies at Aspen Grove is the balloon catch – they shoot water balloons into the air with a slingshot and whoever catches one (without it breaking) wins a soda. I was holding my camera to capture some of the fun and happened to catch one smashing into the lens.

Some slow-motion clips on the GoPro:

Paintball, the highlight of every family reunion:

Disneyland and California Adventure Park

Screaming good times at the happiest place on earth! I didn’t realize until I started editing how often our 5-year-old was scared to tears.

We met this scared grandma (her term) on California Screamin’ in Disney California Adventure Park. Posting this so she can show her grandkids how brave she was.