Signs that made me smile

I enjoy a good sign. Here are a few that caught my eye.

Saturn BBQ
I think we can all agree that manure has been oppressed for too long
I like this better than Yield
Do not dispose of anything specific here.
I only made it ’til about 3am
What if I want to please someone else?
I think this is cute. I imagine the librarians in their meeting, saying, “We need something edgy, something that speaks to the teens of today!”
This town needs more of this street.
The State of California is always bragging about things it knows.
My kind of graffiti
I want to make this into a t-shirt
This is just the message I needed today.
I think they mean “mouth-watering”
If I were seafood I would definitely think twice before accepting this welcome.
I’m impressed by his ability to maintain good diving form even while his head bashes in.
I appericate it when you eat with your fingers.
I magically recommend the black fungus
Big Burrp Theory
I wonder if Patrick ever wishes this sign were more portable.
Words to live by in a restroom in New Delhi
As far as I can tell this means that behind this door there’s a toilet and it has bum-washing capabilities and your baby can watch.
Do not make squirrels magically appear. Runner up: Do not play dice with squirrels.
Still Cursing
Hipster Crap
I just like the artwork here
This sign stresses me out – New Delhi market
The use of shampoo and gel is prohibited in this area