In April we did a “Volunteer Vacation” in Vietnam with a company called GlobeAware. It was a mix of service and touristing and it was a blast. The service involved building a brick house for a woman whose house was falling apart, painting rooms and building a chicken coop for a deaf school (Hearing and Beyond), teaching English, and visiting a hospital. The tourist activities included Cham Island, My Son ruins, a couple of afternoons at the beach, and shopping. Some of us also fit in an amazing bike tour (Heaven and Earth) on the last day before heading to the airport for our 12-hour layover in Seoul.

Here’s a 5-minute video that’s focused on the service –

And a much longer one with all the activities –

And, of course, some photos –


Long layover in Seoul

I’m posting these in the wrong order, but oh well. On our way back from Vietnam (post coming soon) we had a 12-hour layover in Seoul. We arranged for a tour guide to pick us up in a minibus with an amazing interior and take us to several sights in the city, including:

  • BukchonHanok Village
  • Gyeongbok Palace
  • Blue House (quick glance as we drove by)
  • Cheonggye Stream
  • N Seoul Tower
  • Insadong Antique Street
  • Gwangjang Food Market (amazing!)
  • Seoul Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Here’s a video summary –

If you couldn’t get enough of the raw octopus footage, here’s some more –

And a bunch of photos –


Family Travel

Disney World 2019


And a few photos:


Amsterdam 2018

Video of last week in Amsterdam, including:

  • Countryside bike tour with windmill, clogs, and dairy farm.
  • Anne Frank’s home
  • All the usual tourist spots

A few photos –


Hummingbird tongue

I relax best when I’m watching something else work really hard. Here’s a hummingbird in slow-motion (25% of normal) from last night.¬†You can see his long tongue flick out at the very beginning. Also, backyard bird sounds at 1/4 speed are freaky!