The Sarcastic Child’s Friend

On Sunday we try to do things other than watch TV and play on the computer and iPods. The kids are pretty good sports about it, but sometimes you can see some mild resentment come through in the pencil and paper artwork they have to resort to without electronics. Here’s something Kid #2 drew on a lazy Sunday morning when she was about 8:

My mom won’t let me go to church


A couple of years later, she and her sister created this parody of the Church’s magazine for children, The Friend. They actually really like the magazine and meant no disrespect here, but they’re sarcastic little creatures.

Cover page with girl getting hit in the head with a beach ball


Letters from readers and a hint about the hidden CTR ring


Figure out the prophet or apostle based on phrases that kind of sound like their name.


I like that both Britney and Tyler wrote in.


Can you find the hidden CTR ring?


This page might be funnier to a 10-year-old.


I guess they were learning about D.A.R.E. in school at the time.


This page was probably inspired by Uncle Shelby’s ABZ book, by Shel Silverstein


Inspirational missionary stories


Comic about the devil’s fruit


Nephi’s Courage, replacing only “Nephi” with an icon.


Maybe we should let them do more electronics on Sunday.


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