Yellowstone through the years

Did you know there was a guy who jumped into a 200° F hot pot at Yellowstone to rescue his dog? When they pulled him out his last words were, “That was stupid. How bad am I? That was a stupid thing I did.” When they pulled off one of his shoes, the skin of his foot came off with it. That’s one of many things I learned in the perfect coffee-table book Death in Yellowstone, a gift from my brother-in-law.

My mom’s parents, Owen and Verona Slaugh, spent time in Yellowstone on their honeymoon in 1940 –

My grandpa’s caption: “Verona unexpectedly visited. Ranger said terribly dangerous – bear with cub 1940”

Here’s (one side of) a couple of Owen’s 3-D photos from the 40s:

Owen Slaugh is 3rd from the left – April 1940
Lower Yellowstone Falls in 1948 – right image of stereo photo

My dad’s family were also frequent visitors:

1966 – my uncles at Yellowstone Park

I was in high school during the fires of 1988:

Fifty-seven years after my grandparents, Wendy and I honeymooned in Yellowstone as well –

We’ve had a few family reunions there over the past few years. I try to make a video each time:


I never take my dog. But if I did, I wouldn’t jump in after him. That would be stupid.

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