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    I like Seattle. I’m not sure if I could live there, or afford to live there, but I really enjoy visiting. I had a meeting this week and spent a couple of afternoons exploring the area by bike and foot –

  • Lindgren Family Reunion 2015

    Lindgren Family Reunion 2015 in Cannon Beach, Oregon – And a fun little artsy film trailer the kids made in iMovie while we were enjoying the sunset at Sunset Park in Sherwood, Oregon – A few photos, including Ecola State Park, Cannon Beach, Haystack Rock and tide pools in Oregon, and the Chihuly Garden and…

  • Seattle a decade ago

    Seattle a decade ago

    Guy approaching me on the street with a ragged bouquet of flowers: “Hey, buy some flowers for your wife?” Me: “No, thanks. She’s 3,000 miles away.” Guy: “That’s cool – I just pulled these out of a dumpster.” That was 10 years ago in Seattle. I talked to him for a while and he told…