Family Videos

Ralphie and Thor

It’s fall. Here’s a couple of slow-motion clips of Ralphie and the neighbors’ dog, Thor, sparring among the leaves.

Travel Videos

India 2013

Here’s a video summary of last week’s India trip —



Bastille’s album Bad Blood was released in the United States yesterday. Here’s my cover of Pompeii, a great little song.

Family Videos

Aspen Grove 2013

I got it down to 11 minutes. Only watch it if you’re in it or you love at least one person in it.

And a couple more short clips –

A highlight of Aspen Follies at Aspen Grove is the balloon catch – they shoot water balloons into the air with a slingshot and whoever catches one (without it breaking) wins a soda. I was holding my camera to capture some of the fun and happened to catch one smashing into the lens.

Some slow-motion clips on the GoPro:

Paintball, the highlight of every family reunion:


Sign My Cast

Here’s a little summary of the boy’s busted leg, set to the music of Justin Roberts.