Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes

The poor boy changes clothes and puts on aftershave
To compensate for his ordinary shoes.


Wojtek the WWII Bear

Feeding Wojtek the bear

Today I learned (from the Bathroom Book) that during WWII the Polish army enlisted a bear that became a corporal. He wrestled with the soldiers, drank beer and ate cigarettes, and helped lift heavy artillery boxes off delivery trucks.

They even created a cool logo –


More info:

  1. BBC Article
  2. Documentary: Wojtek – The Bear That Went To War
  3. Book at Amazon: Wojtek the Bear

Hermit crab escape artist

The 2-year-old is scared to death of the hermit crab (Sherman). She screamed that it was trying to get out. Sure enough, he was climbing up the glue inside the tank. It’s kind of entertaining so I took a little video.