Month: August 2015

  • The Road to Character

    “People turn into little brand managers, using Facebook, Twitter, text messages, and Instagram to create a falsely upbeat, slightly over exuberant, external self that can be famous first in a small sphere and then, with luck, in a large one.” (The Road to Character by David Brooks, page 251.) This book triggered at least two nights of…

  • The Great Sheep Escape

    Our friends’ four 4-H sheep broke out of their backyard pen and joined a neighboring flock. I showed up after they had been trying for an hour to extract the four from the rest and I took some footage of the fun. I’m sad I missed the impressive leaps over outstretched arms that happened before I pulled out…

  • Looking for Bacon Guy at Bear Lake

    Looking for Bacon Guy at Bear Lake

    Last week we spent a couple of nights in the Old Ephraim cabin at Rendezvous Beach State Park in Laketown, Utah. The stall in the shared camp bathroom had a broken lock so you had to cough as each person entered to announce your presence. An 8-year-old kid ignored my cough and was singing to…

  • Family reunion 2015 in Yellowstone

    Family reunion 2015 in Yellowstone

    One of our favorite places for a reunion is the Old Faithful cabins in Yellowstone National Park. Here’s a quick video and some photos of our July 2015 reunion: