Looking for Bacon Guy at Bear Lake

Last week we spent a couple of nights in the Old Ephraim cabin at Rendezvous Beach State Park in Laketown, Utah.

The stall in the shared camp bathroom had a broken lock so you had to cough as each person entered to announce your presence. An 8-year-old kid ignored my cough and was singing to himself at the urinal. “Hellooooo!” he crooned, so I went ahead and said “Hi” back. He immediately pressed his eye against the crack in the stall.

“Who’s that?”


“Bacon guy?”


I didn’t want to make eye contact, but he wouldn’t leave so I finally turned to look at him.

That is not Bacon Guy!” And then he was gone.

We loved the lake, Juanito Bandito at the Pickleville Playhouse, the raspberry shakes, the limo surrey bike for 8 (rented at the KOA), the cool weather, and the fudge shop.

Here’s a video and some photos –


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