Do not drink Beverly at the World of Coke

Description of Beverly from The Coca-Cola Company site:

The product was introduced in Italy in 1969 as a non-alcoholic aperitif. Aperitifs are drinks that are consumed before meals and are believed to aid digestion. The 1971 ads for Beverly feature the slogan, “Cold as Helsinki, sparkling as Rio, dry as El Paso.” By 1978, the brand was popular enough to be featured in a company history of the Italian market and was available in both the “classic” and “white” versions. The brand continued to be sold in Italy battling against the bigger competitors, like Campari and San Pellegrino which also had products in that category. In 1991, Beverly “White” was chosen as one of the 16 products from around the world to be made available in the tasting area of the original World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta.

Here are a few photos of Beverly at Club Cool at Epcot, Disney World –

The single most-visited page on my old site was a 10-year-old photo of the Beverly drink dispenser from the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, which someone linked to from a Wikipedia article about the drink. And that being the top page tells you something about the thrilling nature of content.

So, I’m posting the image here and setting up a redirect from the old url, just to eliminate the disappointment of one more broken link on the World Wide Web.

The original and slightly blurry Beverly photo!

For archival purposes, here are the old comments about it from the original page (more recent comments are at the bottom of this page):

Someone – Yeah…. That tasted like *&%$


Danny Lewis – Yeah, if there was anything I could relate the taste to, it is cough surup. My favorite drink, however, was the watermelon soda from China.

Mr. Thirsty – This stuff is delicious! But it’s definitely not for those with wimpy tastes. :p Too bad it’s not available in the US – I’d buy it.

Jessica – Beverly is like eating grapefruit and drinking milk. Then puking it in an ashtray and drinking it again.

Erin – Someone I know made a bet w/ his friends on how much he could drink… Search Beverley Epcot on yahoo video’s… the boys name is Matela

House4 – Beverly mostly tastes like alcohol and grapefruit. After you try it, you should go and wash your mouth out with mouth wash.

Patrick – They should get rid of Beverly before someone gets really sick. My favorite drink was all of them exept for Beverly. Where did this drink come from??

House4 – I thought it came from Germany. But some how it’s Italy. UGH that drink is nasty. It will drive your taste budds sick.

Richard – I tried Beverly at the World of Coke. All of the descriptions of its taste by the postings on this site do not come close to expressing how bad it is. It’s taste is worse than*&%$

Máire Ruadh – I like it. I don’t drink soda often, and all but Mozambique, Israel and Italy are wayyyy too sweet for me. Wish I could buy it here.

Jim – I LOVE this drink. Every time I go to EPCOT I drink it. Trying to find out how to buy some. My wife however is fairly certain I’m crazy.

Da Dawg – Beverly actually isn’t that bad. It is basicaly liquid bitter.So if you like bitter, then you’ll like Beverly.

Terry F – It tastes like scotch and sewer water mixed with black licorice steamed in castor oil.

Britt – Lived on this stuff in Epcot. Every time we got overheated we stopped by and had 1, 2, 30 cups of Beverly. Not only do I love the flavour, but it’s the only drink they have that isn’t super sweet. I wish we could buy it in Canada

Adrienne S. – Beverly tastes like dish soap and carbonated water.

Tony D – First time I tried it, I hated it; by the third trip, I loved it.

tracey – it’s nasty.

Mattie – It tastes like sprite for about half a second.……………… and then barf

John D – I actually like this a lot- at first I didn’t, but I got used to it after drinking it a few times. Definitely an acquired taste, and definitely one most people won’t like.

ratbunz – Why did they name it beverly were they mad at her?

ratbunz – My favorite was bibo I can’t remember the actual flavor but it was yellow and tasted like candy sorta if they sold that here I would buy it ill have to look on e bay or amazon or something

Maggie Woods – It was disgusting. After I tried a whole cup I thought I was going to puke!!

READ THE COMMENT AND ANSWER ME – HAVE YOU TRIED THE BEVERLY?????????????HELLO?????????????????????-nascar5

Kaylyn – I really liked the taste of Beverly. Like others have said, I think it was because it was not so sickening sweet like some of the other ones. I do not drink pop usually FYI.

Terrible – This is the worst garbage i’ve ever consumed

Great – I really liked the Beverly. I didn’t get the bitter aftertaste that people normally get. I though it rather sweet and resembling Sprite.

Taisttester – It really isn’t that bad. My sister thought she going to throw up.d :

Su – I liked it!

nutty guy – tasted like cough syrup

cookies n creme – this is the worst drink that you could possibly consume

Bob Bubbers – The people claiming they like it are liars trying to seem better than you.This soda is carbonated vomit, please don’t ever put it in your mouth.

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Don't drink Beverly


22 responses to “Do not drink Beverly at the World of Coke”

  1. SchindHaughton Avatar

    At Epcot, they actually replaced all of the drinks in 2013… Except for Beverly (and one other drink). If you think about it, it is the one drink that people are bound to remember and talk about.

  2. laportama Avatar

    Loved it. Regrets its not longer on sale.
    The naysayers probably don’t like Campari, Petrus Boonekamp, San Pellegrino, Angsotura, or especially Chinotto.

  3. […] Festival. We did stop by Club Cool and try the different sodas, including the ritual tasting of Beverly, the WORST soda I have ever […]

  4. I thought it taste like turpentine and benzene . must been we’re they got the idea for the ” dip ” In who framed Roger rabbit

  5. Beverly is “New Coke” on steroids. It is by far the worst drink made by Coke or Pepsi. You want to spit it out at whoever made it.

  6. […] I first heard of the tasting section in college. I expected Coca-Cola Classics from different countries to be on offer (since the drink tastes different depending on the country). Unfortunately, this was not the case. Instead, they offered (NUMBER) drinks produced by the Coca-Cola company internationally (such as Dasani water, Fanta, and Sprite). I then embarked on a whirlwind tour of the world (as shown by Coca-Cola), sampling sugared soft drinks dispensed from five taps representing Coke products sold on each continent. I filled my sampling cup while trying to dodge the children on sugar highs—I suppose the World of Coca-Cola is similar to Las Vegas for nine year olds: All the rules of “no soft drinks” and “no sodas” don’t apply for a few (literally) sweet hours. The result was—predictably—a headache and a stomach ache. But before the sugar kicked in and made me light in the head, I was able to make a few useful observations: Djibouti’s mint rendition of Coca-Cola is delicious (at least to me, the face of another guest after sampling this particular soda was contorted into an obvious show of revulsion). Uganda’s fruit punch-esque Fanta was decent—but not for those sensitive to sugar. Georgia (of Stalin, not peace, fame) had a decent Iced Tea, while I contemplated filling my aluminum bottle with Sweden’s Lingonberry soda to take home. The biggest loser was, undoubtedly, Italy’s Beverly. Its bitter taste—although pleasing to a fellow guest visiting from Connecticut, with whom I debated the soda’s medicinal taste—is almost like an inside joke. In fact the soda, originally to be a non-alcoholic aperitif, was discontinued by Coca-Cola in INSERT YEAR but is still holding its place at the World of Coca-Cola. Perhaps because so many people bash it. […]

  7. Mr. Pedo Avatar
    Mr. Pedo

    This drink tasted like drinking a mix of spoiled onion and cough syrup, the best thing at coke world was the lingonberry soda from Sweden.

  8. Debby HM Avatar
    Debby HM

    It tastes like Sprite with a “damn” chaser.

  9. Tom Cummings Avatar
    Tom Cummings

    I had it back in 2014 & it was by far my favorite soda there! It tastes like a licorice soda!
    Loved it!

  10. Pink Unicorn Avatar
    Pink Unicorn

    I once gave some of this drink to my cousin a few years ago, he was 6 or 7 at the time and then he gave some to his little sister who was 2 at the time, she started crying after drinking some.

  11. Awatermelonlovingkid Avatar

    I was on a tour trip w/friends and we made a bet who nd rinks the most and 3 seconds later Zac thrower up every where I drank half a cup

  12. Alexis Avatar

    I thought it tasted lile cough syrup ??

  13. Lisa Ellis Avatar
    Lisa Ellis

    The human tongue has tastebuds that detect salty, bitter, and sweet items (and maybe others I don’t remember from biology class). I wonder if the people who like Beverly have something that is different with their bitter detecting taste buds than the majority of people, who think Beverly is the most disgusting drink ever. Just wondering?????

  14. Alberto Avatar

    Beverly!!! just let me tell you it is an acquired taste. As an Italian I love it, I drank at least 6 cups 🙂

    I do understand that it is an different taste, it took my american wife 3 years to learn to enjoy it and now she drinks all the time

  15. Is taste like an over-spray of a cheap dollar store perfume and cough syrup. 🤢

  16. It tastes like stomach acid. That last little horrible bit that you throw up just before beginning the dry heaves. Seriously, my first thought when I sipped it was vomit. Still my opinion of it.

  17. cooocooo Avatar

    man, when i saw my brother drink it, he looked like death itself. if u dont like bitter, the DONT try it.

  18. Michael Avatar

    I tried some. Based on my reaction, my sister gave some to my mother. Upon learning my sister had not actually tried it, my mother in a demon’s voice commanded me to “Hold her down!” upon which my sister was given the opportunity to try it or be held captive until she did. The resulting suffering was the only solace my mother found in the consuming of such Beverly. And so a Disney memory was created.

  19. Have you ever licked the hairy armpit of a homeless Italian man that hasn’t showered for a year? Beverly…

  20. I live in Atlanta and have been to the World of Coke a number of times. That Beverly stuff is absolutely horrifying. Tastes like poison. In fact, one of my favorite things to do at the World of Coke is to stand nearby the Beverly fountain and watch people’s reactions when they drink it. That’s always pretty funny. That’s how bad it is though.

  21. I had the Beverly today at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta. It really is bitter but nothing I couldn’t handle. I actually had a few along with some of the more nervous folks to encourage them to try it.

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