Gargoyles and Notre Dame de Paris

The first time I saw the Notre Dame Cathedral (or really anything outside the western United States) was as a Mormon missionary in 1992. There was a tourist shop nearby that gave screamin’ deals to missionaries and I bought pretty much my favorite souvenir ever, a replica of the Rongeur gargoyle.

Le Rongeur - my favorite gargoyle
Le Rongeur – the coolest of the gargoyles


I imagined him chomping on a stretched-out rabbit that’s using its front paws to brace itself on the gargoyle’s mouth, but maybe it’s a chicken. I displayed it proudly in my cubicle at Delta Air Lines until my last day when it met an untimely death in the stairwell. I still regret not taking the elevator.

Here are a few photos of Notre Dame and/or Parisian gargoyles.


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  1. Wendy Avatar

    Your favorite gargoyle looks like Ralphie chomping on a bone. Or what he’d look like if he’d ever met Coco face-to-face. Is the boob lady really a gargoyle? Awesome collection of pics.

    1. Yeah, a couple of those aren’t really gargoyles. But they go to the same parties.

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