Italy Day 4 – The Pantheon and Venice

Day 4
After a quick tour of The Pantheon, a 2nd-century building with an amazing dome that was preserved by converting to a Christian church (which limited the pillaging),

we took a fast train to Venice. The cheap seats were sold out so we ended up in a private First Class cabin, just the four of us. It featured a non-functional entertainment system, snacks, drinks, and (best of all) access to the quiet lounge at the station while you wait an hour for the train because you thought they departed more frequently.

We arrived in Venice at dusk and took a water bus (Vaporetto) to Saint Mark’s Square, near our hotel. We had salami sandwiches at a restaurant recommended by Rick Steves and enjoyed our 19th gelato of the trip. We had planned on a gondola ride at dusk but didn’t make it in time. It was too cold anyway. This was the only city where we needed jackets. Wandering around town we came across a shop that did fish pedicures, where you put your feet in an aquarium and dozens of little Turkish sucker fish eat the dead skin off them. Wendy also declined this attraction. My feet felt like a million bucks.

I’m ready for Day 5


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