Les Batignolles

My apologies to the people of France for my pronunciation. This came out of a 2021 project I did with some friends. We reviewed a bunch of albums and the artist names had to hit each letter of the alphabet. So, for “Y” I picked Yves Duteil, a French singer-songwriter from the 70s (and beyond). I later decided to do one cover from each of the albums I picked, which has been a lot of fun and has taken me out of my comfort zone – and in this case into another language.


3 responses to “Les Batignolles”

  1. Brent Hill Avatar

    Loved it!!!

  2. Carl Slaugh Avatar
    Carl Slaugh

    Very nice. I sent it to my grandson for translation. I am impressed with your music compositions.

  3. Christèle Micolet Avatar
    Christèle Micolet

    C’est très bien chanté 🙂

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