When The Ship Comes In

Congratulations to Bob Dylan who was awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature today. Here’s one of my favorites, written when he was 22.


Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want

A friend of mine sketched a drawing of me based on my current Facebook profile.

I told him it was indescribably beautiful and requested the original by snail mail. He proposed an Art Swap: his sketch in exchange for an MP3 of me singing his favorite song by The Smiths, Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want.

Here’s my end of the deal:




Making Money

My cover of a favorite Ben Rector song:



Songs for my grandpa

Here are a few quick performances for a CD I made for my grandpa to sing along to.

You Are My Sunshine – my daughters on harmonies

Oh Mister Moon

I’ve Been Working on the Railroad

Funny Music

I’d Write A Country Song

I wrote this song in the 90s, inspired by a Jacob Lake Inn co-worker who said she was surprised I could play the guitar but didn’t like country music.

(For the record, I do like “old time” country music – Kenny Rogers, Hank Williams, Buck Owens, Willie Nelson, etc. – but pop country hurts my ears and feelings.)

My aunt asked for a video of it. She’s the number one (and possibly only) fan of my YouTube channel.

Main vocals and guitar recorded on my new favorite mic: Shure MV5.


I’d write a country song but I’ve never been that sad.
I’d write a country song but I’ve never been that mad.
I’ve never been that drunk,
I’ve never had a pickup truck.

I’d sing about my dog but I haven’t got a dog,
No wife to turn me on or she’d make a pretty song.
Never really been in a fight
Or let some cards keep me up all night.

Never tried no chewing tobacco,
There’s no white circle in my back pocket.
I look like a fool in Wranglers, chaps, and a western hat
But who doesn’t?

Don’t have a name like Clem or Wayne or Clint or Garth.
I just can’t sing like them, how can I win your heart?
I’ll do ‘most anything
As long as I don’t have to sing

Can’t write no country song, my grammar’s much too straight,
But I’ll hold you all night long, that country song can wait.