Category: Funny

  • Close to Me

    A friend of mine draws pictures and will trade them for covers of songs he likes. Here’s the latest. His drawing, a tribute to my recent struggles with dandelions in the yard: My video, “Close to Me” by The Cure:  

  • Pigs vs. TIE fighters

    Today I met some pigs that sound just like TIE fighters in Star Wars –

  • Alarm Shaming

    In the spirit of Dog Shaming, I bring you Alarm Shaming. This was very therapeutic for me after a 2am incident with with one in my bedroom.

  • More YouTube favorites

    The other day I had to entertain my jet-lagged niece and nephews so they wouldn’t fall asleep too early. I ran through several of my favorite YouTube videos, which I’m summarizing here so they’re easier to find next time: Rhett and Link’s BBQ Song – an educational review of barbecue preferences throughout the southern US: JStuStudio…

  • On going kind of viral

    On going kind of viral

    Over Memorial Day weekend we drove from Utah to Montana and back, 10 hours each way, to visit my brother’s family. We had a great time even though the visit had to end with the apology “I’m sorry my dog killed your chicken.” I grew up sleeping during long drives, but most of our five kids are…