Comedians you can watch with your kids

“Clean comedy” is often code for “not funny comedy”. But my favorite stand-up comedians have figured out how to be genuinely funny and insightful without being potty mouths.

Nate Bargatze
I discovered Nate Bargatze when he appeared on the Tonight Show. I love his deadpan delivery and self-deprecation. You can find a lot of clips on YouTube or watch his recent (2015) Comedy Central special, Full-time Magic.

Brian Regan
I never tire of Brian Regan. The only thing that bothers me is his delivery is so perfect that you can’t really retell his jokes with any success. You can find YouTube clips of all sorts of appearances on David Letterman and other late-night shows. See him live if you ever have the chance.

Jim Gaffigan
At a Salt Lake City show, Jim Gaffigan joked that we Mormons want to convert either him or Brian Regan, the two comedians who draw the biggest crowds here. He said he likes coming to Utah because the reaction to hearing he has 5 kids is better than most places: “Only five? Were you stationed abroad for a few years or something?”

Follow him on Facebook – he writes his own stuff and it’s usually pretty funny. He has a couple of books that are also pretty good. The audio versions are narrated by him.

Jim Breuer
It’s difficult to get a good feel for Jim Breuer with just a short clip. If you subscribe to Netflix, watch Jim Breuer: And Laughter for All. My wife and I can watch over and over the section where his wife is “broken” by their kids and Jim takes them to the drive-through Great Adventure Wild Safari Park.

Ryan Hamilton
I’ve only seen a few clips of Ryan Hamilton and they covered mostly the same material, but at least it’s funny material. Here he is on Conan:

Any others you recommend?


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  1. Randy Jorgensen Avatar
    Randy Jorgensen

    That about covers them! I agree 100%, they are all great!

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