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  • Good Old War in SLC

    Best concert ever! Well, except for the one where we got to perform. After a full show on stage, the band came into the audience and did a 30-minute encore. My voice is hoarse from singing.

  • Three minutes as folk-rock stars

    Three minutes as folk-rock stars

    Way back in 2010, the band Good Old War had a YouTube cover contest. The winner would get to sing on stage with them (they didn’t specify where). I learned about the contest at 9pm on the final day. I pulled my daughters out of bed to try to throw together an entry with our version of…

  • Music with the kids

    This YouTube playlist covers about four years of singing with the kids.

  • Favorite Things of 2012

    Favorite Things of 2012

    Note: Not all of these things came out in 2012, but that’s when they came into my life (mostly).  Music I collect a lot of music. Most of it ends up buried in the pile, to be reheard only if it finds grace with iTunes’ randomizer. Only occasionally do I connect enough with an album…