Ice blocking with the scouts

Last night we had an activity with the Life Scouts to encourage them to make that last push to earn their Eagles. We went ice blocking, drank cheap soda, shot tennis balls into the stratosphere, and ate some amazing dutch oven chicken and rice for dinner and apple and/or peach cobbler with ice cream for dessert. I had seconds.


Making Money

My cover of a favorite Ben Rector song:


Family Travel

Aspen Grove 2016

I guess it must be theoretically possible to not have an amazing time at Aspen Grove Family Camp in Provo Canyon (near Sundance).

Here’s the short video summary:

And the long version for road trips and Sunday afternoons:

A few highlights of our week there:

  • Laser tag
  • High ropes course
  • Hiking to Stewart Falls
  • Sand volleyball
  • Dodgeball – parents vs. teens
  • Water Frolics
  • Aspen Follies (outdoor games)
  • Frontier Games
  • Wood Pen Turning
  • Fishing
  • All-you-can-eat food
  • All-you-can-buy Graham Canyon ice cream
  • Giant slip ‘n’ slide
  • Campfire singalong
  • Pie-eating contest
  • Pottery and other crafts
  • Water balloon launching
  • Archery
  • Air rifle range

Oh, yeah, and did I mention that your kids are off in classes every day, led by enthusiastic BYU students, so the parents can enjoy the week?

Lindgren Family Reunion

We’ll be back next year.


More YouTube favorites

The other day I had to entertain my jet-lagged niece and nephews so they wouldn’t fall asleep too early. I ran through several of my favorite YouTube videos, which I’m summarizing here so they’re easier to find next time:

Rhett and Link’s BBQ Song – an educational review of barbecue preferences throughout the southern US:

JStuStudio Pranks. They have several that are entertaining –

When Mama Isn’t Home – great song with a trombone and an oven door:

Donut Pirate – cute screaming kid:

Akbar – a love song about an ear of corn:

One Direction Parody – I don’t know why this is so funny to me.

Lucky Price is Right contestant:

The kid whose cymbal strap breaks and he recovers in a very patriotic way:

Newscasters react to huge shark clip –

Bad Lip Reading

Uncomfortable-to-watch climbing videos –