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  • Aspen Grove 2021

    Another fun week at Aspen Grove Family Camp – And here are a couple of other summer videos – Mount Rushmore (I guess I picked songs that made it so the videos can only be watched if you click through to YouTube) Yellowstone

  • Aspen Grove 2017

    We spent an awesome week at Aspen Grove Family camp in August. It was difficult to narrow things down to just a few minutes of video, but here’s what you get – And a few photos –

  • Aspen Grove 2016

    Aspen Grove 2016

    I guess it must be theoretically possible to not have an amazing time at Aspen Grove Family Camp in Provo Canyon (near Sundance). Here’s the short video summary: And the long version for road trips and Sunday afternoons: A few highlights of our week there: Laser tag High ropes course Hiking to Stewart Falls Sand volleyball Dodgeball…

  • Aspen Grove 2013

    I got it down to 11 minutes. Only watch it if you’re in it or you love at least one person in it. And a couple more short clips – A highlight of Aspen Follies at Aspen Grove is the balloon catch – they shoot water balloons into the air with a slingshot and whoever…

  • Aspen Grove 2012

    Family Reunion 2012 in Aspen Grove, UT: