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Aspen Grove 2021

Another fun week at Aspen Grove Family Camp –

And here are a couple of other summer videos –

Mount Rushmore

(I guess I picked songs that made it so the videos can only be watched if you click through to YouTube)


Family Videos

Aspen Grove 2017

We spent an awesome week at Aspen Grove Family camp in August. It was difficult to narrow things down to just a few minutes of video, but here’s what you get –

And a few photos –

Family Travel

Aspen Grove 2016

I guess it must be theoretically possible to not have an amazing time at Aspen Grove Family Camp in Provo Canyon (near Sundance).

Here’s the short video summary:

And the long version for road trips and Sunday afternoons:

A few highlights of our week there:

  • Laser tag
  • High ropes course
  • Hiking to Stewart Falls
  • Sand volleyball
  • Dodgeball – parents vs. teens
  • Water Frolics
  • Aspen Follies (outdoor games)
  • Frontier Games
  • Wood Pen Turning
  • Fishing
  • All-you-can-eat food
  • All-you-can-buy Graham Canyon ice cream
  • Giant slip ‘n’ slide
  • Campfire singalong
  • Pie-eating contest
  • Pottery and other crafts
  • Water balloon launching
  • Archery
  • Air rifle range

Oh, yeah, and did I mention that your kids are off in classes every day, led by enthusiastic BYU students, so the parents can enjoy the week?

Lindgren Family Reunion

We’ll be back next year.

Family Videos

Aspen Grove 2013

I got it down to 11 minutes. Only watch it if you’re in it or you love at least one person in it.

And a couple more short clips –

A highlight of Aspen Follies at Aspen Grove is the balloon catch – they shoot water balloons into the air with a slingshot and whoever catches one (without it breaking) wins a soda. I was holding my camera to capture some of the fun and happened to catch one smashing into the lens.

Some slow-motion clips on the GoPro:

Paintball, the highlight of every family reunion:

Family Videos

Aspen Grove 2012

Family Reunion 2012 in Aspen Grove, UT: