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  • Apricot Blossoms

    Apricot Blossoms

    Utah is trying its darnedest to settle into spring. The apricot tree has mostly blossomed, oblivious to tonight’s below-freezing forecast. While the popcorn’s popping I did a photo shoot with some of my bees –

  • Bee tongues

    Bee tongues

    I’m happy to see that my backyard bees don’t care about COVID-19. Here are some clips of tiny tongues slurping up sugar syrup and rainwater.

  • First beehive inspection of 2020

    It’s warming up a bit and I needed to swap out hive boxes so I did a little beekeeping today and made a video –

  • Honey Harvest

    Honey Harvest

    I caught three swarms earlier this year and I’m pretty sure at least two of them were from my own colony. They were doing much better in the spring than I realized and had seriously outgrown the hive. I kept one for myself, gave one to a neighbor, and combined the third back into the…

  • Caught a swarm!

    Caught a swarm!

    I caught my first bee swarm in my own backyard! My wife noticed them in the apple tree and called me out. My 11-year-old and I had a blast figuring out how to do it and we successfully sighted the queen at the end of it all. I knew that old nuc box would come…