Month: April 2017

  • Pigs vs. TIE fighters

    Today I met some pigs that sound just like TIE fighters in Star Wars –

  • Slow-motion bees

    Some slow-motion footage of the bees in the backyard. Note the chicken tripping in the background right at the start.

  • Paris Itinerary

    Paris Itinerary

    Every once in a while someone asks me for tourist ideas for Paris. Here’s a summary of what we did last week. We like a fast pace, so cut this in half if you prefer to relax on vacation. A few recommendations before you arrive in Paris: Buy Rick Steves Paris and read as much as you can —…

  • Paris 2017 – Day 5

    Paris 2017 – Day 5

    We saved most of today for catching up on anything we missed earlier. Catacombs This is the second activity where long lines are difficult to avoid. They actually do have a skip the line option now, but it’s more than 2x the normal entrance fee. You could also try Fat Tire Tours again if you…

  • Paris 2017 – Day 4

    Paris 2017 – Day 4

    Notre Dame towers This is one of two events where the lines are unavoidable and fairly painful. We arrived at 9:30 – it opens at 10 – and waited more than an hour. But it’s one of my favorite things to do, so it’s worth it for me. I love gargoyles and this is the…