Paris 2017 – Day 3

This was a Sunday and ended up being the nicest day of Spring 2017 so far. Everyone was outside. I have never seen so many people in the Tuileries gardens and Sacré Coeur. It was perfect for our itinerary, though, because there were virtually no lines for the Louvre or Orsay Museum, which are usually packed.

We first attended church in my old LDS (Mormon) ward of Paris-Lilas. I met up with a family I taught 24 years ago as a missionary, which was a highlight of the whole trip.

Père Lachaise Cemetery
I love it here. Coolest cemetery I’ve ever seen. I lost my 3-day metro pass as I pulled my camera in and out of my pocket, so we walked almost the whole thing twice trying to find it. (I found everyone else’s expired passes, but not mine.)

Louvre and Orsay Museums
Since my travel partner was 18, we just did a speedy “highlights” tour (with some delays from getting lost).

Sacré Coeur and Montmartre
I always enjoy it here: street performers, impressive church, great views of Paris, artists, and lots of people watching.



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