I’m waist deep in footage from the South African photo safari we went on last week at MalaMala Game Reserve next to Kruger National Park. Here are a few videos and some of my favorite photos so far –

Elephant and rhinoceros mud bath (safe for all stomachs) –

Lions vs. vultures (warning: a little bit of raw meat) –

Overstuffed lions try to protect the leftovers of a Cape buffalo meal from hungry and persistent vultures.

Zebra feast (warning: medium graphic but super interesting. Noisy eaters!) –

Another Land Rover pulled up behind us and a woman said, “Wait, what are they doing?! Are they eating a zebra?! I do NOT want to see that. I thought they were just hanging out!”

Photos –




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  1. Julie Hill Avatar
    Julie Hill

    Incredible photos – I love your attention to detail – a yawn, a grin, a thorn — my dad would be so happy to see his grandson photographers. Sad to think others go on hunting safari’s – it’s bad enough seeing them eat each other.

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